Najnowsza aktywność



Najnowsza aktywność

31/10/2023: The installation of an anti-missile defence system in Poland (Redzikowo) has been and is the target of disinformation attacks by Russian propaganda. Selected disinformation narratives:

🔴 The installation is of offensive nature. It is the result of the US imperial policy and plans to attack Russia.
🔴 It increases the risk of World War III and nuclear annihilation.
🔴 The anti-missile shield is the cause of the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty.
🔴 The shield is designed to carry nuclear warheads.

Kremlin propaganda disinformation claimes that the anti-missile shield is in fact a „strike system capable of using nuclear weapons” against Russia. The Russian propaganda system continues its activities based on disinformation about aggressive, offensive Poland and NATO, which are supposed to pose an alleged threat to Russia’s territorial integrity.


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