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Najnowsza aktywność

08/09/2023: Disinformation about Poland as the country responsible for the tragedy of immigrants on the border with Belarus is part of the regime’s propoganda in Minsk. Selected disinformation narratives:

🔴 The migratory pressure on the Polish border is of natural character.
🔴 The Polish Border Guard is dropping the bodies of immigrants onto the territory of Belarus.
🔴 Immigrants are beaten, humiliated and forcibly pushed by Polish patrols onto the territory of Belarus.
🔴 Poland is responsible for the suffering of immigrants at the Polish-Belarusian border.

The engineering of forced migration used since the times of the USSR is one of the geopolitical techniques used by the Russian Federation and a non-military measure of combat important for the Russian military doctrine, used in parallel with:

🔴 disinformation,
🔴 influence operations,
🔴 other methods of hybrid warfare.

Since 2021, it is Poland and the Baltic states that have been faced with the use of forced migration engineering by the Kremlin-dependent Belarusian regime, and in addition to actions related to destabilizing the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border, there is a systematic information struggle against Poland.


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