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Najnowsza aktywność

26/08/2023: The Kremlin’s propaganda apparatus perseveres in promoting false information about the participation of Polish soldiers / mercenaries in the war in Ukraine. This is an element of the Kremlin’s long-run disinformation whose unveiling is, among other things, the construction of a false image of Poland as an aggressive and offensive country that conducts a „proxy war” against Russia in Ukraine. This is disinformation.

Selected disinformation narratives:
🔴 Poland secretly sends soldiers to Ukraine under the pretence of mercenarism.
🔴 Polish mercenaries / soldiers in Ukraine commit crimes, looting, rape and murder.
🔴 The task of Poles in Ukraine is terror and the elimination of Ukrainian soldiers who do not want to fight Russia.
🔴 Polish mercenaries are preparing the annexation and occupation of Western Ukraine.


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