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Wstęp Pod pojęciem inżynierii przymusowej migracji (ang. coercive engineered migration) należy rozumieć transgraniczny ruch ludności, który jest inspirowany przez jedno państwo, a …

Komentarz Analityczny Materiał informacyjny: miesięczne podsumowanie wraz z omówieniem kierunków działań rosyjskiej i białoruskiej propagandy w polskiej przestrzeni informacyjnej.  Preambuła: komentarz analityczny obejmuje wybrane …

Download the full report in English | Russian-and-belarusian-information-operations-targeting-relations-between-Poland-and-Lithuania Download the full report in Lithuanian | Rusijos-ir_arba-Baltarusijos-informacines-operacijos-kurios-gali-daryti-neigiama-itaka-Lenkijos-ir-Lietuvos-visuomeniu-tarpusavio-vertinimui INTRODUCTION Relations between Lithuania and Poland have been steadily …

30/09/2023: The Russian propaganda apparatus develops disinformation operations with the help of which it is creating a false image of Poland as a state striving for the annexation of Western Ukraine. Selected disinformation narratives:

🔴 The imminent annexation of Western Ukraine by Poland is an element of imperial ambition and the implementation of the geopolitical project „Rzeczpospolita 2.0”;🔴 Poland has already begun the process of consulting the Ukrainian partition schedule with the authorities in Kiev;🔴 Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania will conduct the partition of Ukrainian lands;🔴 Poland is consulting with Ukraine on the inclusion of the Volyn, Rivne and Ivano-Frankivsk regions in its territory.

✅ Learn the facts:

✅ The Russian operation is an element of strategic disinformation, the aim of which is to create conditions for shaping a distorted view of Poland as an aggressive state, provoking and destabilizing Europe’s security.✅ Poland’s alleged plans to annex western Ukraine are applicable to various Kremlin disinformation operations. One of them is the threads used to create a false image of the Russian attack on Ukraine as a pre-emptive / defensive action against the planned „attack” on Russia from the West.

✅ One of the countries often indicated in this operation is Poland, whose false image serves the Russian propagandists as „authentication” of Russia’s image as a so-called „besieged fortress”.


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