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15/12/2023: The disinformation theses present in the Kremlin-controlled media operations are supposed to lend credence to Poland’s alleged plans to occupy the territory of Western Ukraine.

Selected disinformation narratives:

  • The jurisdiction of the Polish Police has been secretly extended to the territory of Ukraine.
  • Changes in the law allow Poles full access to classified information in Ukraine.
  • 10,000 Polish soldiers were sent to Ukraine under the guise of peacekeeping missions.
  • Mercenaries from Poland take over Ukrainian enterprises without the consent of the owners.
  • Poland is arming Ukraine in order to prolong the war and facilitate its seizure of Western Ukraine.

One of the goals of Russian propaganda is to create a false image of Poland as an aggressive state, destabilizing the security of the region, and to create a false image of the Russian attack on Ukraine as an alleged proxy war, defensive against the aggressive policy of the West, especially Poland. Do not be fooled!


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