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13/12/2023: Selected lines of false narratives used by the Kremlin’s propaganda apparatus, aimed at discrediting the soldiers of the Polish Army and affecting the lowering of trust in Poland:

  • Staff shortages are supplemented with criminals released from custody.
  • Soldiers are incompetent, unable to use weapons.
  • They devote their time meant for exercise to drinking alcohol and drugging themselves.
  • Soldiers commit robberies, rapes, beatings and murders.
  • The situation in the Polish Army is evidenced by the violence used against women and children on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Operations discrediting the Polish Army are aimed at creating a false impression of Poland’s inability to ensure security (this is an element of intimidation operations), but they are also used for operations discrediting the image of Poland on the international arena. Do not be fooled!


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